My name's T Campbell. I make really big crosswords.

My latest monster is a tribute to the late, great Stan Lee, with lots of comics trivia but still an easy ride for the rest of us. I'm making it free. As I write this, a lot of people are stuck at home or close to it, including me, so I've given you some options to download it for print (scroll down).

Full Grid

Designed for 3'x3' printing, though you could manage with 2'x2'.
Grid for Home Printing (PDF)

Some cutting and taping will be required to get this 12-page version into a single, table-sized grid. But if you're stuck using your home printer, this is the option for you! (UPDATE: Glitch corrected! Thanks!)
Clues (PDF)

Ready to make a commitment? Then print out all 44 pulsatin' pages of this drama-drenched document, containing all 4120 clues, and settle in for a weeks-long solving adventure!
Clues (HTML)

If you prefer, you can go to this page without having to download anything, and copy-paste the clues into a program of your choice! Or just scroll through 'em on your phone... seems kind of inefficent to me, but then, I get mystified at how fast my cousins can text.

If you have comments or questions (or complaints!), you can reach me at my Facebook page.

I'm working on something even bigger for release later this year, but I don't want to say too much more about that yet. In the meantime, enjoy!